Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tom Merritt (maybe) responds to my bitch about the lousy BOL URL

Eureka! Shazam! Heavens to Mergatroid! AHA! Proof that people do read this blog! I'm on my way to becoming another one of the countless Google Adsense one-thousandairres! Hottttdigittyy! YeeHaw! OK, get ahold of yourself boy.

(If only you could hear my cartoon voices for all of the above. Think Yosemite Sam. If you don't know who that is, you're too young, and you need to get back on over to MySpace or FaceBook or some other social-related hook-up site where you can waste countless hours doing nothing at all productive.)

So, Tom Merritt (wikipedia, website), or at least someone named Tom, or at least someone named Tom for posting purposes, replied to my complaint about the ridiculous URL for the Buzz Out Loud webpage. (I suspect it really is Tom and that he has a favorite search feed that looks for anything that refers to BOL... Why? No one reads this blog....)

Well, it turns out that I stand corrected about the URL. I suggested in my post that they should at the very least be using

Well, they are! I had never actually tried it. It redirects to the nonsense URL, but it works nonetheless. So, I stand corrected.

And for posting and straightening my silly-ass out, I'm going to send Tom an Addicted 2 Tech T-Shirt. Just as soon as there's enough demand for there to actually be t-shirts that is. Don't hold your breath Tom. Say hi to Veronica, Molly, and Cylon Baby for me. Just so you can hear them say, "Who said to say Hi? Who's that?"


At 11:02 AM, Blogger Tom said...

Yeah it was me, and yeah I have a Technorati feed that searches for Buzz out Loud. busted!

At 7:28 PM, Blogger Tech Addict said...

Well that answers that then, and gives me an idea of how I can drive traffic to my blog. I'll just keep complaining about things related to tech bloggers. They probably all subscribe to services that look for mentions of their name. I'll get curiosity traffic! I see a book, a book tour, and a call from the Today show, where I'll go and sit in the green room, only to be bumped by a Robin Williams segment that ran long. The world is laid out before me. God Bless Vanity!


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