Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code

I've been listening to podcasts and watching vidcasts (are we or aren't we going to call these something other than video podcasts?) for what seems like a couple of years now. iTunes makes this simple and easy and it's been a bit of a replacement for radio.

But strangely I had never listed to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code until just a couple of months ago. I was driving a rental car in Las Vegas of all places and it had a Sirius satellite radio in it.

And let me rant about that for a second. There is nothing more useless than giving a satellite radio to someone who's never listened to satellite radio and not providing them with any sort of guide to just what the hell is on the 150+ channels that are available to them. Especially since there is a 3 second delay changing channels and since unlike TV, you can't really get a sense of a channel until you listen for a while. Can they not make this super-advanced digital radio system with a display that shows you the channel name and genre? Hello? Hey Sirius or Dodge (it was a Magnum) clue in!

Anyway back to Adam Curry's show. So I caught it on the radio and he mentioned his podcast. So I subscribed through iTunes when I got home and I've been listening a few times a week since then.

I have mixed feelings. I like Adam. No nostalgia for the MTV days involved. I am old enough to remember him as a VJ, but I didn't miss those days really.

I like some of the content. The calls from the freak fans (savants) are funny and Adam and I share some common ideals. (Everyone is looking for validation, right?)


The show suffers from what many podcasts suffer from. Constant discussion about the medium itself. OK, I get it, this is the flagship show for Adam's PodShow network of podcasts, so that's what's on his mind; building the podcasting empire and converting people to his way of thinking.

But that gets old really fast. Really fast.

He's also preoccupied with sex and has no profanity filter. The problem with that is the inability to listen to this show in the presence of others for fear that they'll take offense.

For the moment, I'm still listening, and hoping Adam gets tired of talking about the medium.


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