Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Steve "Woz" Wozniak, the original phone prankster gets 100 crank calls a day. From Babies!

Sometimes things you read just make you laugh out loud and shake your head.

Steve Woziak, "Woz", co-founder of Apple computer was known to be quite the phone prankster back in the early days. He built boxes that manipulated the phone system and loved to play pranks on people by messing around with phone system features he had learned to exploit.

Apparently it's been a goal of his to get a phone number with all the same digits for some time now. The wait is over. He apparently got the number 888-8888. Who knows what area code. I suppose you could try all the CA area codes and see if he picks up. But then he could have bought and activated his cell anywhere, right?

Anyway.... Woz started getting dozens of seemingly crank calls per day. All the same. Just dead air on the other end.

Wired News has the rest of the story for you. Too funny.


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