Thursday, May 10, 2007

Xbox 360 Elite is Nowhere to be Found

Can it really be this hard for game console makers to correctly project/gauge (why doesn't that word look like it's spelled right no matter which order you put the letters in...) demand?

I bought a Premium 360 a couple of months ago after holding out for a long time to see if it was going to be a
Gates world or a Sunny Boy World. But then there were strong rumors that an upgraded unit was coming that would play a key role in Microsoft's plan to control the living room. Hey, I'm down with more Media Center stuff on my game console. So, I sold the Premium 360 and sat on my cash.

Now the Elite is out, and it's nowhere to be found. Sure, some stors have it in a $700+ bundle, but I want the console, not console+mugging.

Hey, geniouses! Make more! Duh!


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