Saturday, May 05, 2007


Microsoft talking to Yahoo about a buyout/merger/partnership to take on Google. Who cares? Buying Yahoo will not help topple Google in search/paid ads. Yahoo is no better at it and the new Panama or whatever the hell it is, is unproven. It would be $50B wasted, and Mr. Softy would just kill all the cool shit that Yahoo has gobbled up in the last few years.

HD DVD code is out in the wild and the owners of that nifty little hex string are going apeshit to protect it and get it removed from the web entirely. Happy hunting folks. You've picked a fight with geeks millions strong and worldwide. They're hiding on servers all over the world in countries that could care less about your IP. You're screwed. Spend your time coming up with a new system that isn't so easily cracked. (It's important to be able to recognized when you're beaten, and you got your ass whooped.)

I still don't care about the iPhone. So far it's just a geek's wet dream.

When the hell is Apple going to update the hardware on the Mini, and when are they ever going to introduce a reasonably priced PC between the mini and the Pro or G5 or whatever the hell the silver mesh tower that costs $5K is called?

Why does it take the hardware makers 3+ years to ratify a standard for Wireless N? Is this shit that hard? Haven't we had pre-N and draft-N products forever now?

TiVo and ReplayTV were both really cool. When will someone else step up and fill in all the missing features we all really want at an attractive price point? (And no, I'm not talking about Myth TV - I want a dedicated piece of CE to do the job - they always work better.)

Paul Wolfowitz did a dumb thing. He knows he did a dumb thing. When will he get it that resigning is the right call?

Is it bad that I could care less about Spiderman 3? Does that make me officially old? I liked the first 2. I just have a feeling it's all a money grab now.

End of random ramblings.

Tech on.


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