Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gameznflix Game Rental Service Reviewed

Ok, so there are 2 main players in the mail-it-to-your-lazy-ass game rental business. GameFly and Gameznflix. Clearly Gamefly wins the name contest and they have a good reputation. Gameznflix, not so much.

But a while back I spotted an offer for a 3-out-at-a-time membership to gameznflix for $12 or so. Bababouya! I'm all over that. I'm sure I have a spare $12 here somewhere.

Now I have a PSP and a Wii and I'm pining for a 360 (see last post). So, I loaded up my queue with titles from the 2 systems I had and all was good.

Fast forward 4 months or so, and the folks at this brain-dead company have dropped PSP games and UMD movies entirely because of the new postal service rate increase. So, half the queue wiped out. (Hello? Give us a choice to pay more to keep PSP games as an option you morons.)

Side note: What ass came up with the spelling of queue? What was wrong with que? Is the double -ue- really necessary, you prick you? But I digress.

So, I have a queue filled with 20+ Wii games. They are all on you'll-get-it-after-you-die status apparently because even though I only have 1-2 titles in my possession, they NEVER ship me a new Wii title. If I wasn't still holding onto a PSP game (it's my hostage you bitches!) and if I hadn't experimented with adding a DVD movie to my queue, I'd have no discs out on a 3-at-a-time plan.

Hey, Boneheads! Pile your asses into a car and point it at a Gamestop and buy some more copies of the Wii games and send me one. Earn your pay you freeloaders!

End of impartial, unbiased review.

Gamefly here I come.

Are you a GameznFlix employee? CEO? Suck it.


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