Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My New Hotness! The RCA DRC247N DivX Capable DVD Player Reviewed

I am a Big, Big fan of dirt cheap DVD players. I've been using Apex playes for a few years now. They were one of the first companies for use standard PC drive components in their players, which, as a result, supported burned DVDs and VCDs/KVCDs.

But time has gone by and the format of the day is DivX. I've accumulated a whole bunch of DivX files over the last year or so. And while I already have a D-Link Media Player, that only satisfies the need in one room of the house, and frankly, it's not cheap enough to buy 4 more of them.

Along comes a sub $50 solution! In fact sub $20 in this case.

I just picked up 3 RCA DRC247N DivX capable DVD players. Yes, they're basic. Yes, they're cheap. And Yes! They play DivX encoded files ad do so handily.

Got (6) 700MB video files? Throw em on a DVD and pop it in your RCA DVD player, and up they pop in the menu. Scroll through the menu of files, find one you like, and press the play button. Voila! DivX/xVid on your TV.

Office Depot had these this past Memorial Day weekend for $20 after $30 MIR. Too Sweet.

The summary of my review is this: If you want an inexpensive DVD player that can handle DivX, the RCA DRC247N is a more than capable player that solves your DivX needs.


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