Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wondering Where I've Been? I Got My XBOX 360 Elite! WooHoo!

Black Box Goodness!

I stumbled on the much sought-after XBOX 360 Elite. At Meijer's of all Places! On 15% off when you use your credit card day! WooHoo!

Yes, it's black. Who cares. (OK, I like it.)
Sure, 120GB hard drive. Nice.
HDMI. Yep.

Too bad I've had Gears of War sitting on a shelf for 4 months. It went in and my days and nights have been filled with fraggin goodness ever since.

For those of you hoping it would be quieter I have some bad news. It's freakin loud! Loud optical drive. Loud fan. Loud, loud, loud. That needs work for sure. Hear that Microsoft? No? Oh, right, let me turn off my 360. That's better.

Back to fraggin.


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