Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Diggnation #38 Live from Reno

Diggnation #38 Live from Reno released to all of us non-paying people in the world. Alex and Kevin get seriously toasted on free Jager shots and take an incredible amount of time to slog through the top stories of the week.

I suspect they'll not forget the "candy water" any time soon.

Alex is in serious trouble if his g/f watches the show this week. Not a kid-friendly show this week.

Of course all the covered stories are old news by now.

Keith makes a cameo this week. Pragula sneaks on for a bit of the candy water as well.

Alex is getting a freebie Falcon Northwest laptop. (Personally I think they should spend that coin buying off the squatter than owns and ditch that lame-ass URL of theirs.)

Kevin hints that Ramzi and another episode of the the broken is coming!

A drunk fan shouts out that Digg has surpassed slashdot in the Alexa rankings. Kevin addresses the rumor that he bought a Porsche by declaring that he drives a 2-door Golf. He may not be rich yet, but he will be, and that's gotta make him smile every morning when he gets up.


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