Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ctrl+Alt+Chicken Launches First Episode

So Alex Albrecht et al finally got the chicken off the ground.

Following the pattern of diggnation, it's a duo, with Alex paired up with Heather Stewart, who I've not seen before. Also, ala diggnation and the broken, alcohol is involved. Sounds like the idea will be to feature a different wine each episode. I'm sure wine outlets in population centers with a high-density of geeks will see sales soar as a result. Maybe not.

Alex is entertaining, but the charm and wit is wasted on this effort. I'm sure we'll all continue to watch for a while, but how many different ways can you make watching someone do a poor job of preparing chicken funny?

Here's hoping Kevin and Dan find a spare moment to bring us another ghetto edition of the broken with Ramzi throwin down some of his tech genius. Alex might also be a welcome addition to that concept.


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